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September 21st 2018

Our Video Collection


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Chef Notes—Watch Juriaan in action on TV!

In the segment with Daytime London, Executive Corporate Chef for McCormick Canada, Chef Jurrian, speaks to the emerging trends and flavours featured in McCormick’s 2017 Flavour Forecast® report. With the Daytime host Bob, Chef Juriaan spoke about the process undertaken by global chefs to predict upcoming food trends. The two dove into the Rise and Shine to Global Taste and Egg Yolks trends while demonstrating each Red Bean and Barley Congee and Mediterranean Vegetable Shakshuka dishes. Bob helped Juriaan combine spices, crack eggs, and dig into the congee (which he continued to eat throughout the segment).

Part 1

Part 2

Cinnamon Flavour Journey

The journey cinnamon takes from harvest to kitchen is a fascinating process, starting half a world away. Take a look at cinnamon’s incredible journey from bark to table.

Red Pepper Flavour Journey

McCormick sources premium quality whole spices and herbs straight from the farms, fields and hills where they’re grown—like the Southeast region of India, where the climate and soil are ideal for growing the highest quality red pepper. That's where farmers harvest the plants—at the peak of freshness—that will become McCormick’s pure red pepper products.

2017 Flavour Forecast

The McCormick Flavour Forecast® identifies top trends and ingredients shaping the future of flavour. This year features a global spin on breakfast, the sizzling tastes of Plancha grilling, egg yolks infused with savoury flavour, the new Mediterranean cuisine for the 21st century and the next wave of spicy flavour. We invite you to taste it forward — discover, experience and share the flavours of 2017.

2016 Flavour Forecast

The McCormick Flavour Forecast® identifies the top trends and flavours for the year ahead. For 2016 there’s a focus on untapped pulse proteins and discovering new tropical Asian flavors as well as versatile spice blends with good-for-you ingredients and experiencing spicy with tangy. We invite you to explore the tastes of tomorrow today.